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Mobile DVR

Mobile Digital Video Recorder T168 v3.0

T168 v3.0 is a function-extensive equipment specially designed for mobile surveillance and intelligent scheduling. It adopts high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combined with H. 264/H.265 video compression/decompression technology, network technology and GPS locating technology. With storage module, it can deliver 1080P and 720P high definition video recording and vehicle travel information recording. With platform software it also achieves real-time monitoring (Video/GPS/Alarm), dispatching and scheduling, remote management and playback analysis features. T168 v3.0 is user-friendly with multi-functions, voice broadcast, driver attendance, superior anti-vibration, flexible installation and high reliability.

  • Supports 8 channels AHD + 8 channels IPC
  • Dual CPU design
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Supports 3.5inch hard disk plus SSD for large storage and video backup
  • Supports GPS, WIFI and 3G/4G
  • Station announcement for public transportation

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